A new gallery hath cometh to Camelot.

I uploaded a new gallery named The Fire, Water, Air & Feathers Series. Well, that’s what I call the series, but the page — which is located under the Graphic Art page in the menu bar — is called Earth, Wind, and Fire because, well because I think those images are gonna just make ya wanna sing. Now I know there are many of you — so many — who are thinking, “huh?” To whom I say, go look it up. Just make sure you look behind you. No wait! Come back! I didn’t mean go look it up now. Now you should really check out the new gallery ‘cuz it’s kinda cool.

All of the images are the spawn of one of the two above paintings. I think there are 12 images? I lost count. I couldn’t help myself. I just kept playing around until I was interrupted by a very loud scream in my head, telling me to STOP! Post the damn things already and move on to an obsession with a new parent photo. Which is exactly what I’m going to do. Because I’m just a little obsessive. I used to be obsessive, a perfectionist, whatever, when it came to grammar. Turns out not so much anymore. Who knew.

Oh, just one more thing. The paintings above are from years ago when I was working with oils. The painting on the left is from about eight years ago, when I was living in Mexico. Its influence was Mardi Gras and I call it Feathers. The painting on the right is from, oh probably… 12-ish years ago, when I was living in Okinawa. It’s called The Grail. Who knows what its influence was. Probably plum sake with maybe a little smoke thrown in.

Barbie’s road trip to Berlin.

I just posted two, yes two, new ‘galleries.’ One, a collection of photos, is called Santa Fe, New Mexico because they were taken in Berlin, Germany. Oops. I keep doing that. Confusing where I want to be with where I am. Right now, for instance, I am in my living room, when I really want to be in my bedroom. In bed. But there’s just so much work involved in moving. I have to pack up my laptop, then carry it and all my beverage containers, because I am a very thirsty individual, up all those stairs. An entire flight! Plus, I should probably bring a snack. Although, it is warmer up there. I dunno. Maybe.

What I was starting to tell you before I took my little road trip to Berlin, um, Santa Fe, was that my second ‘gallery’ is called ‘generally abstract.’ I know. How original. Look. My visual work is creative. I can’t be creative everywhere. First I had to learn Photoshop, then WordPress, then… what? You could care less? Just tell you where the gallery is? Yeah, right then, it can be found under ‘graphic art,’ and since we are, um, located, out in cyberspace let’s just pretend you’re coming to my gallery opening in Berlin.

Well that’s a little misleading.

I am having one of those nights where my computer hates me, my cats have had about five cups of coffee too many, and WordPress decided to revoke any and all of my editing rights.

I posted another gallery called “Latest Work” under “Mixed Media Painting” in the menu bar. What should have taken no time at all took about six hours. Then, after publishing the page it occurred to me that not all of the work in that gallery is mixed media. A few are simply straight-forward acrylics. Such as the painting in this post.

Then I realized that I intend to post more work under the “Mixed Media” heading that is also not mixed media. I considered changing that heading to “Painting” with mixed media as a subheading, but that’s just so boring. So I’m leaving it as is because it looks far more interesting.

Head’s up, what you see in these pages may not be mixed media at all. Just so you know.

I’m going to bed now, if I can get my cats to stop using my head as a backboard for their lay-ups.


You might be wondering what a Sticky Skillet has to do with painting and photography… absolutely nothing. I just like the way it sounds – Sticky Skillet. So if you came here for tips on cooking, well, sorry about that. You can always check out my friend’s fantastic cooking blog. As soon as she gets it up and running. That could be a very long time. In the meantime, stick around and spice up your day with a look at some of my art.

Nothin’ cooking here…

We are currently under construction. Sorry for the inconvenience. Obey posted speed limits. See you on the other side.

(I have posted some old work under my ‘Archives’ tab. My new work will be added soon(ish))