I See Alien Heads

As you’ll soon be able to tell, if you follow my blog, or even just check in now and then… um, I love how I’m writing as if anyone is out there reading this. Like I intend to do any marketing. Right. It’s like I’m in this great big chasm out in cyberspace, or inside Nietzsche’s abyss (although that’s a little dramatic)… but ya know, I kind of talk to myself like this at home, too. I just pretend I’m talking to the cats. Now I’m just putting it out there on the World Wide Web.

As I was saying, Self – I love abstract art, or abstract anything , pretty much. Just like I do not like being told what to do, I do not like to be told what to see. I also don’t like telling others what to see. Plus, it’s really fun to hear what each individual sees in one of my works. I have a geologist friend who sees things like subduction zones, and rock-something or other. It’s great. I get a geology lesson every time. Not that I remember anything, except subduction zone. Oh! and sea stack. He’ll be proud.

This is a lot of rambling. Sorry about that, Self. Well, I had a lot of fun making these. I hope you’ll have fun looking at them.

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