The World Inside

Here is the reason I started this blog. I was sending photos of my work to family and friends via our phones. I thought maybe those wonderful people, who are so kind as to pretend to LOVE my work, would like to see larger images. These are my Mixed Media Paintings.

I use metallic acrylic paint which makes it difficult to get a good photo. I often get a glare. (These paintings can be such bitches.) A few paintings refused to cooperate at all, so I’ll have to post photos of those later, when they settle down.

My process is this: I use foam board for the pieces because they are light and won’t pull and destroy the canvas. I start by painting the canvas, or the pieces, or both simultaneously. I use brushes, twigs, kitchen utensils, pretty much anything to move the paint around. When I am finished painting I arrange all the pieces, then I attach jewelry, findings, and whatever other little objects I can find, e.g. toenail clippings. Nah, I’m just kidding. Maybe. No wait, am I?

No, I don’t have a plan, nor a vision of the end result. (Which is true for pretty much every aspect of my life.) I just do what I do and let the canvas be what it wants to be. Now “say hello to my little friend(s).” (Tony Montana. Scarface.)

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