When you walk around with a camera, especially if it’s where you live, it can seem like there are no new photos to take. Often I get bored, thinking I won’t see anything new, and I leave my camera behind. Inevitably, I see something and wish I had it with me. I have to say, too, that I find carrying around a lot of gear to be cumbersome. Constantly switching lenses makes me crazy because every time I change it I need the other lens. Kind of like a cat always being on the wrong side of the door.  My best friend is a lightning fast photographer and she usually has the right lens ready to go. It’s so infuriating! (I say that lovingly) As much as I’d like to pass myself off as a photographer who has it all together…let’s be serious…I’m a fumbler. I’d be the one to drop the lens when I’m swapping it out. Oh wait, I have. Fortunately I use filters.

So to compensate for all of those things I use one lens: a 28-300mm. Sure it has limitations, but it’s also pretty versatile. To make up for its limitations I contort myself into awkward positions. Sometimes that means lying on my belly in the middle of the street, or hanging from a tree branch.

All of the photos in my ‘Perspective’ album were taken with this simple lens…and contortion.

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