About me

I’m a bit of an introvert who spends most of my time in my studio, just doing my art. In the in-between moments I enjoy happy hours with wonderful friends, and hanging out with my five cats, Lucy, Kylie, Zoey, Smokey Bear, and Roswell. I am also an avid cyclist.

If you stumble upon my blog and take some time to see what’s brewing, thank you. If you like my art, I like you.

3 thoughts on “About me

    1. Thanks, Linda! I need a short break from painting so thought I’d do this. My new paintings will be posted soon. I just have to organize them first so they’re easier to post. So cool that you’re following me – thank you!


  1. David White

    This is an absolutely wonderful site. Love your abstract thoughts and humor; your photography is fantastic. Looking forward to all that you add.


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