I miss Engrish.

When I lived in Japan one of my favorite past-times was finding “Engrish” – the Japanese attempt at English. There are signs that I didn’t take photos of, but wish I had. Two come to mind: on a sign outside of a restaurant read, “Steaks chilled to perfection,” and a roadwork sign read, “Men wroking a herd.” I can only imagine how we butcher their language.

Time to call Social Services?

I found this glass in a trashcan at one of the castles on Okinawa. Whoever threw it away clearly had no idea what a treasure they had. I submitted this photo to http://www.engrish.com. I think they made a mousepad out of it.


Before a shower, before bed, before sex…can I undress, can I not undress? I’m always in a quandary…

(This sign was on a ferry from Okinawa. Your guess is as good as mine. No nude sunbathing, perhaps?)

Makes sense, I guess.

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