Barbie’s road trip to Berlin.

I just posted two, yes two, new ‘galleries.’ One, a collection of photos, is called Santa Fe, New Mexico because they were taken in Berlin, Germany. Oops. I keep doing that. Confusing where I want to be with where I am. Right now, for instance, I am in my living room, when I really want to be in my bedroom. In bed. But there’s just so much work involved in moving. I have to pack up my laptop, then carry it and all my beverage containers, because I am a very thirsty individual, up all those stairs. An entire flight! Plus, I should probably bring a snack. Although, it is warmer up there. I dunno. Maybe.

What I was starting to tell you before I took my little road trip to Berlin, um, Santa Fe, was that my second ‘gallery’ is called ‘generally abstract.’ I know. How original. Look. My visual work is creative. I can’t be creative everywhere. First I had to learn Photoshop, then WordPress, then… what? You could care less? Just tell you where the gallery is? Yeah, right then, it can be found under ‘graphic art,’ and since we are, um, located, out in cyberspace let’s just pretend you’re coming to my gallery opening in Berlin.

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